Workers' Compensation  Premium Recovery Service


90% of the policies we have audited have mistakes that lead to Premium Refunds and many have reduced their current Experience Modification Factor.

Over the past 25 years, the workers compensation premium audit service has produced Premium Refunds in Excess of $60,000,000.00 for clients based on Insurance Carrier, Rating Board, Workers' Compensation Medical Providers and TPA Errors.

We analyze all aspects of the policy as it Relates To Cost and payments including Large Deductible Programs, Dividends and Retrospective Rating Adjustments.

Owner Operator Risk Management Program


We are a Licensed and an Appointed Provider of this program that includes a Competitive and Comprehensive Workers' Compensation Coverage Solution to Transportation Companies who utilize Owner/Operators.

This Financial Risk Management Solution can protect Your Company from "Employee Re-Classification Actions," Audits and the Legal Expense associated with these Challenges.

This program also enhances "Driver Recruitment & Retention" by providing the independent contract drivers with access to a "cafeteria style" Health and Retirement Benefit Programs.


The PEO (Professional Employer Organization) Option


The PEO option allows your company to Focus On Your Core Competencies while utilizing Integrated Outsourcing Options for Workers' Compensation, Risk Management, Payroll and Tax Administration, Regulatory Compliance, Employee Administration, Human Resources Management and Benefits Plan Administration.



The ASO (Administrative Service Organization) Option

The ASO option provides an Alternative Business Outsourcing Solution similar to the PEO model without the co-employer relationship. 

One main distinction is that the ASO will process your payroll and report state and federal tax information using Your Company Federal Tax Identification Number, unlike a PEO, who reports all payrolls under their own tax ID number and is considered by the Federal Government as the Employer Of Record.


The Oracle Consulting Group, its subsidiary companies and Strategic Partner Network, bring Technology and Business Processes together. 


We Invite You to review our website, Blog, White Papers and Video presentation to learn more about The Oracle Consulting Group's Cash Flow & Revenue Recovery Consultancy Service Offerings.

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