Workers' Compensation Premium Recovery

Are you paying too much for your Workers' Compensation Insurance?

Highlights of the Workers Compensation Premium Recovery service are:

All work is performed entirely off premises with no disruptions to you or your staff.

We look for Workers' Compensation Premium Audit Overcharges from Current and prior insurance carriers, Third Party Administrators and Workers' Compensation Medical Providers.

Our Workers Compensation Premium Audit Consultants Analyze all aspects of the policy as it relates to cost and payments Including Large Deductible Programs, Dividends and Retrospective Rating Adjustments.

90% of the policies that our Workers Compensation Premium Recovery Consultants have audited they have located Errors that lead to Workers' Compensation Premium Refunds.

Over the past 25 years,the Workers'Compensation Premium Recovery Service Has produced Workers Compensation Premium Refunds in excess Of $60,000,000.00 for clients based on Insurance Company Errors.

Here are the main reasons why companies do Not Receive Workers Compensation Premium Refunds:

Verifying the accuracy of the insurance carrier's bill is a time-consuming task that requires field-specific expertise.

Millions of dollars are lost every year because companies, brokers & agents simply do not have the in house expertise to analyze expired policies and audits for mistakes and overcharges in a number of areas such as: 

Experience Rating, Claims Payments & Reserves, Errors in Classifications, Accounting & Billing, etc.

There is no up front charge for this service if qualified. 

Unlike most Workers Compensation Premium Recovery firms that charge a flat 50% fee , we are compensated on a sliding scale contingency fee schedule, You Only Pay For Results!

We Invite You to review our website, Blog, White Papers and Video presentation to learn more about The Oracle Consulting Group's Cash Flow & Revenue Recovery Consultancy Service Offerings.

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