Workers' Compensation Claims Management Service

Workers' Compensation Insurance, is the only line of insurance that has a Controllable Cost linked to the insured's judgment and actions.The cost may be Substantially Reduced based on control of losses. 

These losses may be controlled by eliminating the incident all the way through assisting the claims adjuster, claimants' return to work and the claim data availability.

Claim settlement with the appropriate data will facilitate prompt litigation response and shorten settlement turnaround time thereby controlling reserve amounts.

An effective Workers Compensation Claims Management Service is represented in Closed Claims and Claim Reserve Amounts of Zero.

Workers' Compensation Claims Management and its associated Costs is Controlled by:

Eliminating the claims from occurring with tools akin to pre-employment screening.

Assisting the insured in creating and maintaining the necessary data to establish the facts surrounding a work-related injury. 

Assisting the claim adjuster starting from the First Report of Injury and related claimant facts through return to work, medical supervision and claims settlement and closure. 

Workers Compensation Claims Management End Goal is to Close Claims which results in Zero Reserve amounts.

CriticalPath provides the software and instructions to the insured to help avoid claims and if there is still an incident, how to establish and deliver the claim facts to the adjuster. 

CriticalPath works with the adjuster to obtain all the necessary injury incident, claimant personnel and medical data and proceed to move the claimant from the injury stage to working recovery and subsequently full and complete claim closure.

Working the claim incident from the insured's location to the adjuster's file is CriticalPath's formula for claim cost control. 

The Workers Compensation Claim Management Costs are Controlled and Substantially Reduced with a net fee cost to the insured that the program is the most cost-effective way to control the Workers' Compensation line of insurance.

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