DOT Compliance Management 

Need assistance with Your DOT Compliance Management Program?

It’s difficult to stay Up-To-Date on Hiring, Compensation, Benefits, Labor Relations, and all of the other Employment Rules and Regulations. You need a source of important and practical information that lets you efficiently take care of Employment Concerns. 

The Transportation Industry has more than its share of Compliance Requirements and our Transportation PEO Partner's works closely with its customers to assure that DOT Files are Monitored and other Regulatory Agency Requirements are kept current.

Our Transportation PEO Partner will help monitor your driver files to Department of Transportation (DOT) Compliance Specifications.

The Transportation PEO's start-up process involves auditing your DOT files. Most of their new customers think their DOT files are in great shape, but many are shocked to find how Far Out Of Compliance they have been.

As you know, DOT can Impose Serious Financial Penalties for Missing Paperwork.
The Transportation PEO helps manage one of the Transportation Industry Biggest Headaches.

DOT Compliance Management - Personnel Compliance

Are you missing any Important Renewals or Employee Files?

Would you like to have a 90-Day Upcoming Renewals Report?

Missing CDL's and Medical Cards can soon be a thing of the past. You will have the ability to View and Print a Report for Renewals coming due in the next 90 Days.
Personnel Compliance lets you easily identify if employees are Missing Employment-Related Compliance Documents, as well as which items they have coming up for renewal. 

For example, you can view which employees have upcoming Professional Certification Renewals, or see if any are past due.

Employee Detail – View the qualification documents and renewals for a Specific Employee.

Missing Documents – List all the missing compliance Documents sorted by Employee. 

Upcoming Renewals – See all renewals coming due within the Next 30 Days by Individual.

 Past-Due Renewals – Quickly view all the renewals that are Currently Past Due by Employee.

DOT Compliance Management - Every business has more than its share of compliance requirements and the Transportation PEO works closely with its customers to assure DOT files are monitored and other regulatory agency requirements are kept current.

DOT Compliance Management - Government Compliance

As a Trucking Company owner or manager, you may have to deal with many government agencies – the IRS, the US Labor Department, State Labor Department, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission,  and OSHA each with its own regulations and requirements. Keeping up with all the rules and regulations can tie up one or more of your staff members.

In today’s Litigious Business Climate, it’s almost a given that eventually, when you least expect it, when you can least afford it, you will get hit with a Sexual Harassment, Wrongful -Termination, EEOC, or ADA-Type Lawsuit. The Transportation PEO can help you avoid putting yourself in jeopardy and they can help you minimize the damage of a lawsuit.

As a Transportation Professional your life will be much simpler because the Transportation PEO Professionals Advise you about Complying With Laws, Rules, Regulations, and Administrative Directives, for example: OSHA, ADA, FMLA, FUTA, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and your state’s labor and employment laws and regulations.

DOT Compliance Management - DOT File Monitoring Assistance 

Government Reporting & Agency Interface 

Unemployment Claims Management 

Employment Records Management

Wage Claims & Audits 

 OSHA, Fair Employment (EEOC), Department of Labor (DOL) 

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) 

Age Discrimination (ADEA), COBRA, HIPAA and any other Government Regulations 

The PEO will help monitor Your Files to DOT Specs.

The PEO will assist your trucking company to help monitor your driver files to DOT Compliance Specifications.

DOT Compliance Management - Safety & Risk Management

Our Transportation PEO Partners offer various safety programs for their clients and provide assistance with Loss Prevention, Risk Management and Loss Control Programs.

Delivering Loads to their destinations is the key to successful trucking companies and Safe Drivers get that job done. The Transportation PEO has a department dedicated solely to Safety Training.

The Transportation PEO helps company Owners and Managers keep Safety Issues in front of drivers, reminding them of the many road issues they face everyday.
The Transportation PEO's concentration on Safety keeps Drivers Safer, manages Workers Compensation Costs and helps get loads across the country for your customers.

DOT Compliance Assistance

OSHA Compliance Assistance

Loss Control Programs

Training Materials

Reward Programs

Recognition Programs

Customized Safety Programs

Safety Audits

Customized Safety Manual

Safety Review & Policy Development

Employee Handbooks

Personnel Guide, Forms & Policies

Drug-free Workplace Program

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