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We represent the Premier Transportation PEO’s in the industry. Unlike a “Generic” PEO, our Strategic Partners understand the Complex HR issues; they will assist in the monitoring of Department of Transportation (DOT) Files to Compliance Specifications. If not done correctly your transportation company can be subject to severe financial penalties.


The Oracle Consulting Group acts on your behalf as an Interface partner that helps your organization Navigate through the Various Human Resource Outsourcing Options available in the marketplace.


We represent You and work for You and Not Transportation PEO Strategic Partner Network. We are compensated by our Strategic Partners only if you have found the Human Resource Outsourcing Solution that Meets Your Needs.

Why should your company consider the Transportation PEO option?

Your Transportation Company's main focus is on Your Bottom Line.

It’s difficult to stay Up-To-Date on Hiring, Compensation, Benefits, Labor Relations, and all of the other Employment Rules and Regulations. You need a source of important and practical information that lets you efficiently take care of “Employment” Concerns.

Employees are a Valuable Resource to all well managed Companies. You are in business to make money and Not Investing a lot of Your valuable time in the administration of Employment Tasks. The Transportation PEO Option can remove a lot of the Headaches of being an Employer.

Another Transportation PEO Benefit is that the PEO can handle Administrative Functions anywhere from 1/3 to 2/3 the Cost Your Business will Incur Doing It Yourself.

The Transportation PEO Option offers to their clients and work site employees the Services and Expertise of a Personnel Department Within a Fortune 500 Corporation. Few, if any, small to mid-sized businesses can afford a full-time staff consisting of an:


Human Resource Manager


Risk Manager

Benefits Manager

Manager of Information Services

The Transportation PEO Option allows Your Company to Focus on Your Core Competencies, while utilizing Integrated Outsourcing Options for:  

Workers' Compensation

Risk Management

Payroll and Tax Administration

Regulatory Compliance

Employee Administration

Human Resources Management

Benefits Plan Administration


The Transportation PEO Option can put You back in Control and allows You and Your key People to perform the job functions needed to Create Higher Profit Margins and Grow Your Transportation Business.

The Transportation PEO Option provides two major Cash Flow Benefits in the area of Workers Compensation Premiums and State and Federal Taxes. Many companies experience a serious Cash Flow Squeeze at the End of April, when the first quarter state and federal unemployment taxes are due.

The Transportation PEO Cash Flow Solution Benefit #1 - By paying a Single Rate Factor throughout the year, Your Cash Flow is Level and Predictable. This allows the Unemployment taxes to be spread out evenly throughout the year instead of coming due primarily at the end of the first quarter.

The Transportation PEO Cash Flow Solution Benefit #2 – The opportunity of Reducing your Workers’ Compensation Insurance Expense by 50% along with Eliminating the Deposit Premium and the Year End Audit?


Our transportation PEO partner’s offer a wide array of Services of which includes the following, along with more details  of their Service rendering below:


Workers' Compensation Coverage

Claims Administration

Safety Programs

Transportation Risk Management Services

Assistance with DOT Compliance

Payroll Services

Tax Deposits and Reporting

Garnishment Administration

Health Insurance and Other Benefits

Human Resource Management

Regulatory Compliance


Transportation Cash Flow Improvement Programs 

Transportation PEO - Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage

One of the reasons Transportation Companies find their Workers’ Compensation Premiums reduced is due to the fact of the number of contracted employees within the Transportation PEO own master Workers’ Compensation policy. Due to their premium size and claims expertise they are able to negotiate a more discounted premium then any single small to mid-size carrier could on their own. This places your Workers’ Compensation costs in line with the Mega Trucking concerns.

From the First Report of Injury until the employee returns to work, the Transportation PEO Workers’ Compensation claims professionals efficiently process claims to save their clients time and hassle.

The Transportation PEO professionals will communicate with the injured employees to facilitate a timely recovery. The Transportation PEO program monitors the employee and recuperation progress during the rehabilitation period. 

In addition to the considerable expense of monitoring your injured employees, there are administrative burdens involved in keeping your workplace in compliance with rapidly changing legal landscape.

The Transportation PEO will handle all work related injuries and Back – To – Work programs to return your employee back to the job as soon as possible.

Transportation PEO – Workers’ Compensation Administration


Standard Services:

Workers' Compensation Reports and Audits

Certificates of Insurance

Claims Management and Processing

Active Return-to-Work Program

Managed Care

No Down Payments (Pay as You Go)

No Year End Audits

Transportation PEO –Safety Programs

Getting loads to their destinations on time and Safely is the key to successful Trucking companies and safe drivers get that job done.

The Transportation PEO Safety and Risk Managers will provide Safety training and counseling. They will perform safety surveys of the workplace and make recommendations based extensive training and knowledge of the Transportation Industry and knowledge of OSHA requirements. 

They will maintain and post OSHA 300 Logs required for all businesses to track injuries and time off.

The Transportation PEO Safety and Risk Managers will:

Help with loss control and introduce risk management to the workplace.

Review driver files to confirm FMCSA and DOT compliance.

Provide state and federal posters for OSHA and DOL compliance.

Perform quarterly safety evaluations based on OSHA and DOT compliance requirements with suggestions for improvement.

Employee Handbooks

Personnel Guide, Forms & Policies

Transportation PEO – DOT Compliance Assistance

Employment regulations and paperwork needed to demonstrate compliance are constantly increasing. In fact, the number of Federal and State employment, DOT, and OSHA laws has more than doubled since 1975. Most small-to-medium sized Trucking Company’s cannot afford to deal with these issues daily. Take advantage of the Transportation PEO’s expertise and experience in dealing with these issues.

Transportation PEO – Employee Background Check

To minimize your chances of hiring an employee who may be a liability to your Trucking Company, The Transportation PEO offers the service of performing employee background checks, including the mandatory three-year driving history every motor carrier must obtain before hiring a new driver. Background checks are extremely beneficial in protecting your company from a negligent hiring lawsuit.

Background check services include:

Employment History

Commercial Driver License History (MVR)

Criminal History

Drug & Alcohol Test History

Transportation PEO – Payroll Services

The Transportation PEO will handle all application processing, administration, claims and audits, and will also:

Calculate wages and payroll deductions 

Process wage deductions, court-ordered wage garnishments and advances, etc.

Prepare management reports and reconcile payroll accounts  

Prepare and deliver paychecks

Administer per diem

Direct deposit 

Transportation PEO – Payroll

The Transportation PEO will assume most of the activities related to payroll including payroll including:

All aspects of employee payroll processing

Calculation of wages and payroll deductions

Preparation of management reports

Reconciliation of payroll accounts

Printing and delivery of paychecks and processing of direct deposits  

Transportation PEO – Garnishments

Transportation Employers must stay abreast of perpetually evolving legal changes and compliance with garnishment orders. Failure to remit garnishments in a timely manner results in hefty penalties for employers and the employees whose wages must be garnished.

Court-ordered wage garnishments, including tax levies and child support, can be a significant administrative burden for companies, and responsibility for correct administration can be a personal liability of owners for a private company.  The Transportation PEO will take care of this burden and responsibility for you.


 Transportation PEO – Payroll Taxes

The annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, semi-weekly, and even daily depositing and reporting of withholding, social security, and employment tax liabilities to federal, state, county, and local government authorities represent a significant burden to Trucking Company’s. 

Keeping up with these requirements can be very time consuming, and there are substantial penalties for late or missed deposits, late reporting, and other non-compliance. The Transportation PEO will remit all payroll and employment taxes and files all associated reports, and as co-employer, assumes full responsibility and all legal liability for these taxes and reports. 

You can devote the time you and your staff save to managing and grow your Transportation Company, and you will never again have to worry about liens and penalties for non-compliance.

Calculate and deposit Federal and State Withholding

Pay FICA, FUTA, and SUTA taxes 

Prepare W-2 forms at year end 

Transportation PEO – Online Reports

Your Transportation Company will be able to take advantage of the PEO’s self-servicing integration programming which allows the Transportation PEO’s client companies to view company data and employee information.


Employees will be able to view their own personal information, electronic pay stubs, W-2s, year-to-date earnings and deductions, employee handbook, and tax set-up.


Your Trucking Company and employee information will be secured with the best technology available - a 128 bit secured layer (SSL) encryption which is the same security used by financial institutions.


Transportation PEO – Employee Services

The average cost to replace an employee ranges from $3,000-$10,000. Studies have shown that the new generation of workers is more likely to stay with their company if the company can offer services to contribute to their work-life balance. The Transportation PEO service package is designed to help you attract and retain valuable employees.

The Transportation PEO’s are able to offer their client companies a unique plan design with an array of benefits only found at large companies. The Transportation PEO specialists will handle all benefit administration including enrollment processing, payroll deductions, reconciliations, and vendor billing. 

Transportation PEO – Medical, Dental and Vision


The Transportation PEO’s realize that many small to mid- size Trucking Company’s are unable to get health insurance, let alone at rates their workers can afford. The Transportation PEO can offer a competitive, comprehensive health plan that could meet your Trucking Company’s specific needs. 

Standard Offers:

Variety of deductible and copay options

HSA (Health Savings Account) option

Vision and Prescription coverage 


Nationwide network of participating providers

Transportation PEO – Flex Plans

The Transportation PEO’s co-employees have the opportunity to put pretax dollars in a special account earmarked to pay certain bills. This account can help them increase their take-home pay by paying many necessary bills with pretax dollars.

Covered Expenses:


Health, Dental, Vision, and certain Life Insurance premiums

"Full Flex Plan" for out of pocket medical bills - for health services not covered by an insurance plan such as:

Co-pays and Deductibles

Physical Exams

Chiropractic Visits

Dental Costs

Eye Care, including Lasik

Most over-the-counter medications

"Limited Flex Plan" option available for employees who also participate in an HSA (Health Savings Account)

Complies with HSA rules

Covers out-of-pocket expenses for dental, vision, preventive care, and most over-the-counter medications

Transportation PEO – 401 (k)

Planning for next year is tough enough for most employees, let alone planning for retirement. Now, you can help employees build for retirement with tax-deferred dollars by participating in the Transportation PEO’s 401(k) Retirement Plan. 

The 401(k) Plan allows worksite employees to contribute pretax dollars into their own retirement accounts. 

Standard Offers:

Several top-rated investment options

Little to no administrative cost to the worksite employer.

Worksite Employer Contribution Options: As the worksite employer you have the option to make matching or profit sharing contributions to the plan, or no employer contributions at all. You even have a variety of vesting schedule options for your employer contributions.

Employees are always fully vested in their own contributions to the plan. 

Employee loan provision that allows employees to borrow against their account balance at reasonable market interest rates.

Transportation PEO – Life & Disability Programs

On the average every Transportation co- employee gets $10,000 Term Life/AD&D Insurance coverage FREE when they are enrolled in a  medical plan. For those employees who desire more coverage, the Transportation PEO can make up to $150,000 available with rates as low as $.08 per month per $1000 of term life coverage and $.03 per month per $1000 of accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D) coverage.

There's more! An employee can add up to $50,000 of life insurance on a spouse at the same low rates. Dependent coverage is also available. For just a small monthly premium (less than $1), an employee can cover all dependent children in the family with $5000 term life coverage.

An employee can also purchase Short Term Disability insurance which provides continued income during a disabling personal illness or injury.

Additional client options: A work site employer with 10 or more full time employees may also provide additional employer-paid Life/AD&D coverage for all employees, and/or employer-paid Long Term Disability and/or Long Term Care Insurance coverage.

Transportation PEO – Prepaid Legal Services


Some Transportation PEO’s offer prepaid legal services to the employees of their client companies. The Transportation PEO Legal Service firm provides their client companies employees with their own personal attorney for moving violations, non-moving violations, DOT violations, living will or simple will, financial coaching, and ID Theft Assist under the CDL Protection Plan.

The Legal Service provider also offers a Family Protection plan that includes legal representation for preparation of wills, real estate affairs, criminal defense or misdemeanors, traffic tickets and ID Theft Assist with coverage up to $10,000 in ID theft related expenses to help employees repair the damage when someone has stolen their personal information.

Transportation PEO – Administration

Managing details, timelines, changing rules, updated regulations, Worker's Compensation and Unemployment Claims - even complex Transportation HR issues - it's all part of what the Transportation PEO will do to help your Trucking Company. Our PEO Partners specialized in the Transportation Industry for over a quarter century so they know the issues you face. 

Transportation PEO – HR Compliance


The Transportation PEO’s, recognize that it is vital for their clients to implement policies and practices that help them retain and maximize the performance of their people. The Transportation PEO’s provide their clients with practical information and useful tools to help address many human resource situations. As part of their program, they provide complete compliance resource information. 

Regulations - Government agency regulations including COBRA, Consumer Credit, Fair Labor and more.

Discrimination - Discrimination guidelines for Title VII and harassment.

Employee leave - Family Medical Leave Act, Uniform Services

Retention of Files - Guidelines for retaining employee information

Transportation PEO - HR Guidance

By becoming a client of a Transportation PEO you will have your own Human Resources expert so that you are able to receive consultation for employee affairs and can clarify ambiguous, ever-changing governmental regulations and deal with the autonomous agencies that ensure adherence to these regulations.

HR Guidance is something the Transportation PEO’s offers to assist their clients with various Transportation related HR tasks and situations. Our PEO Partners offer practical information and documents on many topics. These are examples of what they provide to their clients. 

Employment - Interviewing and Hiring Employees, Employment Applications

Employee Performance - Performance Evaluations, Disciplinary Issues

Compensation & Benefits - IRS Limits, Social Security Benefit Limits

Time & Attendance - Alternative Work Schedules, Time Away from Work

Employee/Labor Relations - Turnover and Retention, Unfair Labor Practices

Termination/Resignation - Employment At Will, Termination for Cause

Transportation PEO - Human Resource Management

The Transportation PEO Human Resource Team can:

Offer consulting on employee affairs relating to equal employment opportunity, employee orientation, employee terminations, sexual harassment, etc.

Fit employees into job classifications consistent with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and applicable state laws.

Aid in the preparation and publication of approved policies.

Interpret legal procedures required for workplace compliance.

Transportation PEO – Unemployment Administration


The burden of unemployment administration can wear down any good business owner. The mountain of paperwork - the forms, the reports, the filings, the deadlines -crushes your ability to get more business and make more money. Let the Transportation PEO Team assume much of this burden. 

The Transportation PEO clients take advantage of the expertise of the PEO’s ability in handling of unemployment administration. The Transportation PEO’s unemployment experts are available to:

Review unemployment claims and contest inaccurate applications for unemployment benefits.

Perform unemployment hearings on behalf of client companies, summon witnesses to dispute false claims made by employees, and file appeals for disputable decisions.

Review separations from employment and prepare appropriate separation notices

Reconcile monthly benefit charge statement and review for accuracy.

Provides assistance with appeal hearing preparation.

Transportation PEO – Regulatory Compliance

The Transportation PEO maintains employment files complying with all federal and state regulations and provides legal and professional assistance with employment issues.

In addition, your Trucking Company policies and procedures are implemented into employee handbooks for all employees and into management handbooks that are provided to each employee manager.


The Transportation PEO can keep you informed and up-to-date on:

Americans with Disability Act (ADA) 

Age Discrimination In Employment Act (ADEA) 

Civil Rights Act (CRA) 

Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) 

Department of Transportation (DOT) 

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) 

Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) 

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) 

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) 

Federal Social Security Act (SSA) 

Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) 

Health Maintenance Organization Act (HMO) 

National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) 

Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) 

State Unemployment Tax Act (SUTA) 

The Federal Mine Safety and Health Act (MSHA) 

Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Transportation PEO - Transportation Cash Flow Improvement Programs


Many Transportation Companies experience a serious cash flow squeeze at the end of April, when the first quarter state and federal unemployment taxes are due, and when their workers' compensation insurance renews problem is the fact that these items must often be paid at about the and a large deposit must be paid.

Further complicating this same time tags and permits are being renewed.

With the Transportation PEO’s single rate factor throughout the year, your cash flow for employment related items is even and predictable. Unemployment taxes are spread out evenly throughout the year instead of coming due primarily at the end of the first quarter, and workers' compensation premiums are paid as the wages are paid instead of being heavily front loaded at policy renewal time. 

There are also no surprises at the end of the policy year, when an audit of your workers' compensation policy may reveal further liability of thousands of dollars. With the Transportation PEO’s system, you Pay- As – You - Go, pay evenly throughout the year, and you are never charged for anything other than amounts due, based on the rate factor, with your payroll invoice.

Transportation Cash flow worries related to payroll and employment items are a thing of the past.

We Invite You to review our website, Blog, White Papers and Video presentation to learn more about The Oracle Consulting Group and Transportation Oracle's Cash Flow & Revenue Recovery Consultancy Service Offerings.

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