Human Resource Outsourcing Solutions

Why Human Resource Outsourcing?

Companies Don't Outsource To Save Money - They Outsource To Make Money!


Business Owners, Executives and Managers are outsourcing because of the Control provided over certain Key internal Business Processes, Not Simply as a Cost – Cutting Tool.

In today’s Economic Climate, it is becoming increasingly difficult and even more important to find equilibrium of the day’s work flow with its unexpected time drains while maintaining focus on your business operations. Organizations are turning to the Various Human Resource Outsourcing Options for the Competitive Advantage necessary to maximize profitability.

In addition to Outsourcing Your Employer Administration Tasks to gain Control and Maximize Profitability, you bring Increased Benefits to Your Employees.

Human Resource Cost Allocation – Positioning Your Organization to accurately budget for Human Resources is critically important. Organizations that do not have a dedicated Human Resource Cost Analysis generally have only a small grasp on the real costs involved. If you have no Cost Metric of Measurement then there is a very high probability that it is Out Of Control.



The Human Resource Outsourcing Industry was actually Birthed back in 1850 when Alan Pinkerton, founder of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, leased security guards to the railroads. In todays increasing complex and rapidly changing business environment Corporate Agility has become the Standard and not an Option. You must now employ the "Lean Thinking" mentality to remain competitive.

For an increasing number of organizations the Outsourcing of "Non-Core" Peripheral Activities such as Human Resource Administration, Payroll, Benefits Administration and Educational Administration to a professional third party provider is a Cost Effective Solution.By Transferring Responsibility for these Time-Consuming, Non-Core business tasks to Human Resource Experts, you will have Additional Time and Resources for continued business growth and profitability.

Human Resource Outsourcing provides Your organization Cost Efficiencies and an Escalating Platform of Human Resource Outsourcing Management Expertise needed for Increased Growth and Mitigation of Risk.

The Oracle Consulting Group acts on your behalf as an Interface partner that helps your organization Navigate through the Various Human Resource Outsourcing Options available in the marketplace. 

We represent You and work for You and Not our Strategic Partner Network. We are compensated by our Strategic Partners only if you have found the Human Resource Outsourcing Solution that Meets Your Needs.If you are looking for a consulting firm that requires an Up-front Fee, you need to Look Elsewhere.

Human Resource Outsourcing Options Available

HR BPO - Human Resource Business Process Outsourcing is the process of transferring multiple responsibilities in transactional processes, such as Payroll, Benefits Administration and Call Centers, to a single third party provider.


PEO - Professional Employer Organization - The National Association for Professional Employer Organizations defines PEO's as: " an organization that provides an integrated and cost effective approach to the management and administration of the human resources and employer risk of its clients, by contractually assuming substantial employer rights, responsibilities, and risk and, through the establishment and maintenance of an employer relationship with the workers assigned to its clients." 

Bottom Line – The PEO acts as your off site Human Resource Department and is recognized as the Employer of Record responsible for Employment and Insurance related Administrative duties. You retain Direction and Control of Your Business, including hiring new employees and terminating others.

Your Employees will have Benefit Packages that are not currently being provided due to Economies of Scale and Greater Purchasing Power of the PEO. These Employee Benefit Packages and Services are critical in today’s economy for Retaining and Recruiting top of the line employees.

ASO - Administrative Service Organization - An Administrative Service Organization provides an Alternative Business Outsourcing Solution similar to the PEO model without the co-employer relationship. One main distinction between a PEO  and the ASO is that Your Company remains the "Employer of Record" the ASO will process your payroll and report state and federal tax information Using Your Company Federal Tax Identification Number, unlike a PEO, who reports all payrolls under their own tax ID number and is considered by the Federal Government as the Employer of Record. 

Bottom Line - The ASO model is attractive to both large and small employers that would like to remain the Employer of Record, already offers various employee benefit plans and would like to complement their Existing Human Resource Department, HRIS and Risk Management Department.

There are many Human Resource Outsourcing Options to consider and even more Human Resource Outsourcing providers.

Human Resource Outsourcing Option #1 Is the Human Resource Business Process Outsourcing (HR BPO) Option which includes a complete Turnkey Human Resource Technology Environment for mid-market companies that employ 200 to over 50,000 employees. Human Resource Outsourcing


This Human Resource Outsourcing Solution includes:


Human Resource Technology

Human Resource Administrative Services

Human Resource Professional Support


Human Resource Outsourcing Option #2 Is the Professional Employer Organization Option which allows your company to Focus On Your Core Competencies, while utilizing Integrated Outsourcing Options for Workers' Compensation, Risk Management, Payroll and Tax Administration, Regulatory Compliance, Employee Administration, Human Resources Management, and Benefits Plan Administration. Human Resource Outsourcing


Human Resource Outsourcing Option #3 The Administrative Service Organization Human Resource Outsourcing service offering can include Workers' Compensation Insurance, Insurance Benefit Plans, Human Resource Compliance, Risk Management and other Human Resource Services to organizations not interested in the PEO option. Human Resource Outsourcing


Services available under some PEO and ASO service offering:

Workers' Compensation


Provides comprehensive Risk Management Solutions designed to Improve Workplace Safety and Reduce Costs Related to Workers’ Compensation Claims. The Purpose for the Workers Compensation Claims Management Program is to protect workers and employers by providing Workers’ Compensation services in a manner that is professional, sensitive, responsive and effective.

Our PEO Partners understand that appropriate treatment, expedient recovery and a fitting Return To Work time line for each employee is the Optimum Outcome for all parties. The Goal is to provide excellent Claims Management by continuously monitoring the process to identify opportunities for Cost Control and Closure.

The Benefits - If any incident should occur, the processes assures the employee that the employer has his/her best interest in mind and his/her rights will be protected all the times.

To ensure an injured employee receives timely treatment by qualified medical professionals and also allows constant management of claims which decreases the possibility of employee malingering or abuse of Workers Compensation Benefits.

The Specifics - The  processes ensure thorough intake, reporting, monitoring and management of each claim. Each reported claim is assigned to an Workers Compensation Team Member who will manage all the actions related to the claim and follow through till the claim is resolved.

Team members notify the Insurance Carriers and Case Managers who provide early intervention in incidents and guide the injured workers through medical treatment, rehabilitation, Return To Work and full recovery.

Workers' Compensation Services - Pay As You Go Program, No-Deposit Premium, No Year-End Audits, and Broader Classification Availability.


Workers' Compensation Coverage

Workers' Compensation Reports & Audits

Workers Compensation Certificates of Insurance

Claims Management Program

Drug Free-Workplace Program (DFWP) 

Drug Testing

Fraud Prevention

Loss History

Loss Prevention

Notices and Postings

OSHA Logs & Summaries

Return-to-Work Program

Safety Program Development

Safety Reference Materials

Managed Care


Safety & Risk Management


Safety & Risk Management - Our PEO and ASO Partners offer various Safety Programs for their clients and provide assistance with Loss Prevention, Risk Management and Loss Control Programs.


DOT Compliance Assistance

OSHA Compliance Assistance

Training Materials

Customized Safety Programs

Safety Audits

Customized Safety Manual

Safety Review & Policy Development

Employee Handbooks

Personnel Guide, Forms & Policies

Drug-free Workplace Program


Payroll Administration

Payroll Administration - The PEO and ASO will assume the responsibility of all Payroll Processing and Administration, taking the burden off company owners and staff.



From Tax Filings, Reports and Payments, to all aspects of issuing paychecks, the PEO or ASO assumes the role of Payroll Administrator.

In addition to the processing, packaging and delivery of your employee paychecks, the PEO will also offer many payroll related services including: 

Direct deposit and Cash Card facilities 

Employee data management – indexing, storage and retrieval 

Employee garnishment and wage assessment administration 

Enabling compliance with tax and labor legislation for both clients and employees 

With this Complete PEO and ASO Payroll Service Program, company owners and management no longer have to worry about the processing, reporting and ongoing Paperwork Nightmare


Standard Payroll Services


Federal and State Tax Filing & Reporting

Payroll Reports

Court-ordered Garnishments

W-2 Administration

Wage and Hour Compliance

Employee Deductions

Direct Deposit

Online Payroll Processing & Review

Online Employee Access to Individual Payroll Reports

Vacation & PTO Tracking

Cost of Labor Information


Driver Settlement


Does Your Organization ever experience Confused Drivers Questioning Settlements?

Every payday Your Drivers flood your office with calls questioning their settlements, which is time consuming and can be frustrating for everyone.

The Transportation PEO will work with you to provide an easy-to-use, Detailed Online Settlement that your Drivers Can Access Themselves.

The Transportation PEO's Driver Settlement lets you view your drivers’ recent settlement statements. It breaks out Pay Information for Each Trip, including the Order Number, Origin, Destination, Units, and Total Pay.

The Driver Settlement also lists Deductions and Taxes for the pay period. If you or a driver has any questions about how pay was calculated, this detailed settlement has the answers.

No Waiting - The Driver Settlement lets Your Drivers see their Settlement the Same Day You Post Payroll.

Easy Online Access from any browser Saves Your Trucking Company the Costs associated with Printing and Mailing.


Unemployment Administration


Unemployment Administration - The burden of employee administration can wear down any good business owner.


The mountain of paperwork - the forms, the reports, the filings, the deadlines-crushes your ability to get more business and make more money. 

The PEO and or ASO will/can assume much of this burden.

Standard Services:


Review benefit charges from state unemployment agencies

File appeals within statutory time frames

Assist in preparation for appeals hearings

Assist in processing of all unemployment claims

Periodic reporting of unemployment claims activity


Compliance Management


Compliance Management - Every business has more than its share of compliance requirements and the PEO works closely with its customers to assure DOT files are monitored and other regulatory agency requirements are kept current.


Are you aware, the DOT can impose fines up to $30,000 for missing paperwork?


Compliance Services:


DOT File Monitoring Assistance

Government Reporting & Agency Interface

Unemployment Claims Management

Employment Records Management

Wage Claims & Audits

OSHA, Fair Employment (EEOC), Department of Labor (DOL)

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)


Benefits Management


Benefits Management - Your employees will have access to a full menu of benefits and the benefits management staff helps assure the finest service and assistance.


These benefit packages will help your company to attract and keep great employees.

Available Employee Benefits:

Cobra  Administration

Credit Union Memberships

Health Care 

Dental Care

Vision Care

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - Employee Assistance Program helps employees and their families balance the demands of work, life and personal issues. 

The EAP provides assistance on a variety of subjects including taking care of your family, building your career, managing your money, strengthening relationships, parenting and child care, educational needs and resources for older adults.


Employee Enrollment and Benefits Education 


Hospital, Critical Illness and Cancer Plans 


Limited Medical - Small Businesses with 1-20 employees


Long and Short Term Disability 


Major Medical - Small Businesses with 1-20 employees 


Pre-Paid Legal 


Supplemental Life Insurance Plans 


Unemployment Claims Management 


401(k) Retirement Plans


Flexible Benefit Plans - Sections 125 and 132 allows employees to shelter pre-tax dollars to cover the cost of out-of-pocket medical expenses, such as doctor co-pays, OTC drugs, laser eye surgery, dental care, dependent child/elder care as well as mass transit expenses. By participating in the plan, members will have more take home pay which is extremely beneficial during these tough economic times.

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